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  • How wide are your roofing sheets?

    All our sheets are 1m cover width before overlapping. After overlapping they are 0.85m.

  • How long are your roofing sheets?

    We stock roofing sheets in 8′ (2.44m), 10′ (3.05m), 12′ (3.66m), 13′ (3.96m), 14′ (4.27m), 16′ (4.88m), 18′ (5.49m) and 20′ (6.10m) lengths, however, we can manufacture sheets to customers exact lengths (if required) up to 26.25′ (8m).

  • How long will delivery take?

    We aim to deliver all orders really quickly. Normally after the order and payment were made we can delivery in a maximum of 5 days.

  • Do you deliver to Scotland?

    Yes, we use an external haulage company to deliver orders to Scotland. Please ask for the delivery price on any order made.

  • Can we collect straight away?

    Yes, if you purchase stock items you can collect straight away.

  • What are your roofing sheets made of?

    All our sheets are galvanized steel/metal.

  • Where are you based?

    Our depot is based in Burton On Trent, just off Burton south exit, Branston A5121

  • How long will your products last?

    All our galvanized roofing sheets will last for 25 years +.